New Ozone Carpet Cleaning Technology.

Ozone assisted cleaning represents a major technological breakthrough. The CFR O-Z care system created ozone by exposing oxygen in the atmosphere to ultraviolet light. The Altra 400 O-Z SP injects the ozone into the solution tank; when the ozone is introduced, it dispenses and mixes the cleaning solution.

“This ground breaking product has never been available in the UK before through an injection process”


         The brand new “Ozone Carpet cleaner”

  • Kills 96% of all Bacteria in carpets.
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • 100% guarantee ALL stains will be removed with Stain Guard
  • Restoration Cleaning
  • No chemicals – No detergents

Once ozone molecules come in contact with any organic material including soil, micro-organisms, indoor allergens, odors from cleaning residue, it causes the residue to break down and release the bond from the surface being cleaned. In effect it kills 96% of all bacteria in carpets.

Overall, the Altra 400 OZ SP has consistently shown superior microbiological efficacy over a typical carpet extractor. Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer, with no use of chemicals or detergents. You are guaranteed satisfaction by gaining a brilliantly cleaned carpet!


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